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Address Line Character Lengths Limit




  • Official comment
    Josh N

    Hello Judy - we'll look into this.  We've made some changes for other providers, we'll see if we need to do something here.  Thank you for your input.

  • Mission Control

    This would help out a lot with fulfillment side of things!

  • Wanza Madrid

    This would help us get orders out the door faster with 100% accuracy. When a human has to intervene and manually update addresses to meet shipper requirements, it delays the process and opens the door for human error.  

  • Josh N

    Hello all, for the short term while we look into this, we can limit the character length of fields on a site by site basis if you need.  Create a ticket and our storeart team can modify your theme to limit field lengths.

  • Josh N

    Update: we will release a fix for this in a future release.  Thank you all for your input.


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