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Select all option for Filter groups



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    Akhil S

    Hello Kevin,

    When using Reports "Filters", you can use the button for "Make Default" to default a filter selection. This makes it so you don't have to keep re-selecting the filters each time you need to run a report.

    For example, the default status used to filter the "Sales Report" is the "Completed" status, and you can adjust this so every status is selected except cancelled, and hit "make default." Then going forward, the report should default to those filters. Below is a screen-shot of what we're referring to here: 

    If you have any additional questions on this, please reach out to our team by submitting a ticket here.

  • Kevin Doro


    Thank you, that is helpful. We just have to do that for every company store and every report. With over 75 stores it is still time consuming.

    Thank you,



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