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Truncated Product Title Adjustments




  • Official comment
    Josh N

    Hello William,

    We're actually releasing a new theme that addresses this and also allows for modifying the length of the titles without having to know code.  I don't have an exact timeframe but the new theme should be out sometime this month!

  • Akhil S

    Hello William,

    We have released our new theme and you now have the ability to show the product name in full without it being truncated. In addition to this (if you DO want text truncated), you can customize the # of characters that will appear before the title is truncated. 

    To access these settings in our new theme:

    1. Login to the store's admin area and click to expand "Design", then click into "Templates."

    2. Install a new theme, and instructions on this can be found here:

    3. Once installed, click into "Store Design."

    4. Expand the section labelled "Content" and under the sub-section for "Product Thumbnails" you will see the below settings:

    Please let us know if you have any questions!


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