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(BETA) Quickbooks Integration Guide

This tutorial will go over connecting your company store to you Quickbooks Online Account. Please note, this integration is currently in BETA and bugs may be encountered and changes may be made based on client feedback. For feedback or to report a bug please submit a support ticket.

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Activate Quickbooks

1. To activate Quickbooks, navigate to Features in your store.

2. Next, click into Add-Ons.

3. Then click the toggle for Quickbooks Sync (BETA) and a prompt will appear.

Review the message in the prompt and click Approve and then you can proceed with the setup of the Quickbooks Online Sync functionality.

Setup Quickbooks Sync

1. Click on Quickbooks Sync under Integrations on the left-hand list of options.

2. Next, (if you already have connected Quickbooks Sync in another store), choose your Company from the list OR, click Connect Company. We do not recommend setting up the connection to the same Company twice as doing so may cause existing integrations to fail.

- If you chose Connect Company, you'll be taken to Quickbooks Online sign-in page (if you're not already signed in) to choose from the list of available Companies in your Quickbooks Online account.

3. Select the Income Account (this setting applies to how the transactions appear in your Quickbooks Online account).

4. Select if this should be a Timed Sync (available times are 2am-11pm MTN) or No Timed Sync (keep in mind, if No Timed Sync is selected, you will need to Manually Sync Orders).

5. IF Timed Sync is setup, you can input a Failure Notification E-Mail(s) to be notified if a scheduled Quickbooks Sync fails.

6. Select the Accounting Method for how your orders should be recorded in your Quickbooks Online account.  This setting determines how your store's orders appear in your Quickbooks Online account (either as Invoices or Sales Receipts). 

Cash will create sales receipts.

Accrual will create invoices.

7. Select what type of Customer Matching should occur with the sync. With Create Customers, this creates a customer in your Quickbooks Online account for each order placed whereas with Use Single Customer, this will use a single customer for all orders in your store. 

Create Customers: With this selected, the integration will create customers in your Quickbooks Online account. 

Use Single Customer: With this selected, the integration will use a SINGLE customer account which will appear as "StoreName #OrderNumber."

Customers created in Quickbooks should not be deleted as doing so may cause future syncs to fail.

8. Select which status of orders you want to sync to your Quickbooks Online Account. For example, you can configure it so only orders with the status of Completed at synced.

9. Click Save when finished.

Manually Sync Orders

To manually sync orders to your Quickbooks Online account, you would do the following:

1. Navigate to Orders in the admin area.

2. Click on the button for Quickbooks Sync.

Then the system will begin syncing orders to Quickbooks and you will be notified if the sync was successful or if it failed and what those errors are.

Quickbooks Troubleshooting

If you run into errors syncing orders, you we recommend reviewing the failure notification in the bell icon to see what occurred and for what orders. Additionally, you can use the QB Sync Status column to see the status of orders and whether or not they were synced, have succeeded, or failed. Lastly, if you have Timed Sync configured, you can review the email notification to see errors returned by Quickbooks Online.

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