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Setting up SMS notifications for your store

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If you’re using a store that has a theme from on or before 1/2/2019, you may want to reach out to to ensure your theme will support the SMS functionality.

This tutorial will go over how to configure your store to generate SMS Notifications. With this activated, the store can then generate SMS/Text messages for order confirmation emails, MOAS Approvals, and shipping confirmation emails.

To get started with setting this feature up, from the Dashboard activate the toggle for SMS Notifications (1) and then click approve (2) after reading the approval text.

From here, you have a few options for setting up SMS notifications. Keep in mind that carrier charges may apply for SMS notifications and this feature is for US numbers only.

User Level Order Confirmations & Shipping confirmations via SMS

To setup a shopper’s account to receive order confirmation & shipping confirmation info via SMS, from the Dashboard click users.

Next, click edit on a user account you’re setting this up for.

Here you would input their phone number (e.g. 111-222-3333, 1112223333, (111)-222-3333) (1) and check the box for sms notifications and click save (2).

If you have an updated theme, the shopper can also make this adjustment on the storefront under their Account Settings.

Then when the confirmation email is generated, the information will be sent out via SMS. The same goes for when an admin clicks send shipping confirmation under the Orders tab of the store.

User Level MOAS Configuration

To setup a shopper’s account to generate MOAS approvals via SMS, from the Dashboard click users.

Next, click edit on a user account you’re setting this up for.

Here, you would navigate to the MOAS tab (1) and input the approver’s phone number for SMS messages (2) and then click save (3). You can enter an activation amount if necessary (will only trigger MOAS if the order total hits that amount or goes over).

Group Level MOAS Configuration

To setup a group of shopper accounts to generate MOAS approvals via SMS, from the Dashboard click on groups.

Next, click on a group you need to configure MOAS for (1), and add a phone number (2) (and activation amount if necessary). Once you’re finished, click save changes (3).

Budget Level MOAS Configuration

If your store is using Budgets and you want to configure MOAS for a budget bucket, you can start from the Dashboard by clicking on budget under advanced store add-ons section.

From here, click Edit MOAS for the budget bucket you’re editing

In the pop-up window appearing, you can input the phone number for the MOAS approver (1), modify or add an activation amount and click save changes (2).

Order Confirmations via SMS for other users

To configure it so other users receive a text message when an order is placed, from the Dashboard click on features under the basic store column

From here, click on notification options

Here you can input the phone number(s) that you want notified when an order is placed in the store (1) and click save changes (2) when finished.

Tips & Tricks

  • Depending on how you have SMS notifications configured, some users may receive more than 1 text message (e.g. having a MOAS approver for a shopper who is also notified when an order is placed).
  • Resending an order confirmation email, or shipping confirmation email will also re-generate the SMS messages.
  • At this point, billing and shipping phone numbers CANNOT be texted a copy of the order information nor the shipping information.
  • Guest Users cannot receive SMS texts with their order or shipping confirmation at this time.
  • Messaging appearing can be customized . You will need to reach out to for assistance and extra charges for these customizations may apply.
  • This feature only works with US Mobile numbers.
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